Which is my order status?

From “My account” part you can track your order in any moment. Click on “My orders” and it will show you one of the following status:

  • Pending: We have received your order correctly and it will be processed as son as posible.
  • Waiting for payment: You have selected bank transfer payment or account deposit and we are waiting you to do it and make it effective in our bank.
  • Waiting for material: Any of the products you requested is out of stock and we are waiting for it.
  • Preparing: We are preparing your order and will be sent soon.
  • Sent: Your product has been sent (it is not posible to cancel the order).
  • Incidence: There is a problem with your order and it requires an action from any of both parties.
  • Cancelled: Your order has been cancelled.

Material Estética guarantees the possiblity to cancel your order in any moment as long as the cancellation is communicated before the product is sent.

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